Merchant Services & Turn-key Delivery

System for the cannabis industry.

Boundless customers for dispensaries. Direct-to-door
service for customers.

We aim to solve

The Three main Hurdles

in the United States legal cannabis industry

  • Delivery

    Many dispensaries are limited to in-store sales because they do not have a delivery force to service remote customers. The DPLUG App provides a turn-key delivery service using our vetted pool of drivers and delive ry agencies. Dispensaries no longer have to rely Solely on in-store sales.

  • Banking & Merchant Services

    Banking and merchant services institutions fear a Federal backlash if they service the cannabis industry, leaving dispensaries unbanked and vulnerable to theft. DPLUG App and Dispense Coin allows dispensaries to essentially take credit card payments and store funds safely and easily. All without fluctuations in value.

  • Advertising

    Cannabis dispensaries are subject to draconian regulations when it comes to advertising. Each state’s laws are different and keeping up can be tedious. DPLUG App allows dispensaries to easily advertise within the DPLUG ecosystem using DPLUG advertising credits. These credits are purchased only with Dispense Coin.


What is the DPLUG App?

DPLUG is an app that connects consumers with smoke shops and cannabis dispensaries, facilitating product orders, and delivery right from within the app.

The DPLUG App is a revolutionary new platform that solves the three main issues in the cannabis dispensary industry: limited customer base, lack of banking options, and lack of merchant solutions.

The DPLUG App solves these problems with one key set of Features:

  1. The ability to place orders for pickup or delivery within a single mobile.
  2. The ability to pay for orders with cryptocurrency, especially our proprietary Dispense token.

With the above key features, we expect to be able to assist the dispensary industry solve the three main issues outlined and, in turn, take part in an industry worth nearly $9 billion.


Work Progress & Success.

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  • July 2018

    Begin Development of App

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  • October 2018

    App Private Beta Testing

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  • November 2018

    Dispense Coin Listing on Airswap

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  • October 2018

    App Private Beta Testing

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What is Dispense Coin (DSPC)?


Dispense is the token of choice For the DPLUG App.

It is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network. Within the DPLUG ecosystem, there are two main things that the Dispense is used for: the payment of transaction fees and the payment for advertising with the DPLUG App. Additionally, while customers can pay with several cryptocurrencies of their choosing, they can also make purchases using the Dispense token.

Dispense allows dispensaries to take digital payments from customers and relieves them of the issues with holding large sums of physical currency within their storefronts.

DSPC enables users to purchase cannabis goods from the dispensary of their choice. DSPC enables dispensaries to move from a cash-only environment to one that promotes safety and security.

  • App Purchases

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  • Direct-to-Door Delivery

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  • Multiple Dispensaries

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  • No need for banking

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